Shane Horstmann

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Part 1Research questions:
  1. What specific occupation does your character practice?-It was the duty of the Knight to learn how to fight and to serve ther Lords according to the Chivery code.
  2. What does the need for this occupation and the information surrounding it tell us about the time period?-They need Knights to protect the land from forgen enimies this tells us that there must have been a struggle for power and land back then.
  3. What was his or her social standing?-the Knight was in a class of its own and was the don of a noble man.
  4. What might your character’s day to day life be like?-A knight started his day with mass and mornig prayers, first meal of the day was breakfast, knights will then practice with weopantry, Knights will then discuse warfare stragities, then they ate lunch and had mid day prayers, then they had dance practiced, after that they accompanied there lords in hunting hawking and inspecting the estate, after that they ate supper and had evining prayers, after supper there was some form of entertainment, after that there was bed time prayers.
  5. What details about this character does Chaucer not include?-He does not include many physical discriptions about the knight he just include discriptions about the clothing.
  6. What modern day occupation might correspond to your medieval character and why?-
a modeday knight would be a special force soider because they are well train well rounded person who is fearless and well rounded individuals

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Part 2
Examination of text:
  1. There was a knight a interesting fellow he
fallowed the code of chivery, truth, honor, genorouress,and courtious.
he had fought bravely in the sovereign war.
He has traveled and fought in many countries prussian, russia and lituania he rode
he fought in the mediteranian
he was and exelant jouster he always killed his manhe was not fancy dressed
and had stains from his armor
  1. Which lines in the prologue best describe your character’s physical appearance?-There is little dicription on the Knight we only know about the clothing that he wares and the stains on it from his armor .
  2. Which lines describe his/her personality?-There are is a lot of discription about his personality when they talk about how he fallowes the chivery code.
  3. Which specific words add to your understanding of the character’s personality?-truth, honor, generousness, and courtesy.

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  • What is Chaucer’s opinion toward this character?-he was a well respected Knight.
  • What specific lines or words tell you this?-"He had done nobly in the sovereign wars" - Line 47
  • What word choices require an understanding of vocabulary from the time period? Define any unfamiliar words or phrases.- boorish-means poor maners
  • What is Chaucer trying to reveal or expose about the time period? Explain any satire you see as well.-That knight back then where strong and ruthless worriors but had a mild good character in the civial world.
  • What do you think Chaucer's purpose of including this character was? To show a strong individual with good character.

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