Part 1Research questions:
  1. What specific occupation does your character practice? The skipper is the master of fishing, small trading, or pleasure boat.
  2. What does the need for this occupation and the information surrounding it tell us about the time period? That ships were important because ships made transportation more easy for their goods.
  3. What was his or her social standing? He was in lower class because he did manual labor for a living.
  4. What might your character’s day to day life be like? He would be directing and maintaining his ship. Taking out any enemy vessels that were in his way. He wouldn't spare any eneyms life
  5. What details about this character does Chaucer not include? Chaucer doesn't describe the skipper's life out of work. For example, he didn't say if he had any family or his own home
  6. What modern day occupation might correspond to your medieval character and why? The modern day occupation that would best fit my character would be captian of a cargo ship. This best fits him because he mainly transport goods from place to place, and that is what a captian of a cargo ship does. One thing that he couldn't do in this time period is fight between ships.
external image The_Skipper__Canterbury_Tales_by_Bluegalleon.jpg
This picture shows The Skipper's physical appearance and his ship in the background named The Maudelayne

Part 2
Examination of text:
The Skipper has no mercy for his people
He steals every chance he gets
He owned a ship called The Maudelayne
  1. Which lines in the prologue best describe your character’s physical appearance? The lines in the prologue that best describes the Skipper is when they said he wore a woollen gown that reached his legs , wore a dagger falling free from his neck under his arm and down, and when the summer heat had tanned his color brown.
  2. Which lines describe his/her personality? The passage describes the skippers personality as a excellent fellow
  3. Which specific words add to your understanding of the character’s personality? Excellent fellow, prudent, and skill

Part 3

Analysis of the passage
  1. What is Chaucer’s opinion toward this character? Chaucer's opinion toward the skipper is that he dislikes that he lies to his men about the wine he steals and has no mercy for his prisoners.
  2. What specific lines or words tell you this?
  3. What is Chaucer trying to reveal or expose about the time period? It was ironic that he was considered such a great captain even though he would steal any chance he got from nearly anyone.
  4. What do you think Chaucer's purpose of including this character was? I think his purpose was to show the diversity of the people throughout this time period and show that not every person was god based.

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