The Wife of Bath

Part 1Research questions:
  1. What specific occupation does your character practice? -She is a seamstress a person who fixes and makes clothing. They are like tailors, dressmakers, and people who make or fix clothing.
  2. What does the need for this occupation and the information surrounding it tell us about the time period?-The need for this occupation and the information surounding it shows that it was back in the day because now there is sweing machines.
  3. What was his or her social standing?-Her social standing was high because she was rich and popular.
  4. What might your character’s day to day life be like?-She would sew for most of the day then give love advice to young women or go traveling.
  5. What details about this character does Chaucer not include?-That she had five husbands and thinks she is a love expert and can give good advice when realy its the exact oposite.
  6. What modern day occupation might correspond to your medieval character and why?-The Wife of Bath would probly be a house wife because she always rely on men in her life to fafell her wants or needs.
Part 2
Examination of text:

  1. Which lines in the prologue best describe your character’s physical appearance? -A worthy women beside Bath city was with us, somewhat deaf,which was a pity. Her kerchiefs were of finely woven ground i ddared dared they weighed a good ten pounds. Her hose where of finest scarlet red and guranteed tight. Bold was her face, handsome, red, and hue. large lips 455 475
  2. Which lines describe his/her personality? - In company she loved to chat and laugh and new the remidies for love mischances, An art in which she new dances.
  3. Which specific words add to your understanding of the character’s personality? - The specific words that add to my understanding of the characters personality are that she is deaf.

Analysis of the passage

  1. What is Chaucer’s opinion toward this character?-The Wife's fame derives from Chaucer's deft characterization of her as a brassy, bawdy woman the very antithesis of virtuous womanhood who challenges the prevailing antifeminism of the times. Yet Chaucer never fully lets on whether she is the object of satire, the instrument of its delivery, or perhaps a combination of bot
  2. What specific lines or words tell you this?-" line 455 A worthy woman rom beside Bath city was with us somwhat deaf, which was a pity. this shows that chaucers liked her.
  3. What word choices require an understanding of vocabulary from the time period? Define any unfamiliar words or phrases.-Parish; a local church community.
  4. What is Chaucer trying to reveal or expose about the time period? Explain any satire you see as well.- Chaucer is trying to reveal how he feels about mariage andthe sovereignty of a woman in this time period.the satire is how the wife of bath is in control in her mariage but in a legal aspect shes not.
  5. What do you think Chaucer's purpose of including this character was?- I think that the purpose of chaucer useing the the wife of bath is to show this time period from a women who lived in that time period.