The Franklin, by Ravaun Carroll
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Part 1Research questions:
  1. What specific occupation does your character practice? - He was a well to do land- ownerwho is not of the nobility. There was not a noble, but not a serf. Most Franklins were Farmers.
  2. What does the need for this occupation and the information surrounding it tell us about the time period? - He was in the time period where slaves were thing thing. The Franklin owned a slave to keep up with all the land he has, while he watches over and keeps everything else inline.
  3. What was his or her social standing?- The Franklin was someone who was higher up in the society, he hosted great parties and loved to dine and wine to others.
  4. What might your character’s day to day life be like?- The Franklin likes to fish from timt to time, but most of the time he like to dine and wine with family and friends.
  5. That details about this character does Chaucer not include?- That the Franklin looks almost exactly like Santa Clause. He has a white thick beard and a bright red complexion. The was much was included.
  6. What modern day occupation might correspond to your medieval character and why?- The modern day occupation would be a similar to a landowner, because the Franklin was a farmer and a landowner that basically watches over everything. He was also a sheriff.

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Part 2
Examination of text:
2.Which lines in the prologue best describe your character’s physical appearance? -A sanguine man, high colored and benign.(344) -White Beard. (343)
3.Which lines describe his/her personality? -Many a bream and pike were in his pond.(360)
4.Which specific words add to your understanding of the character’s personality? That he was Gracious and Kind.

Part 3
Analysis of the passage
(Be sure to answer in complete sentences and include these responses in your wiki page. Don’t limit yourself, however; include any additional information that would help a reader understand the text better.)
  1. What is Chaucer’s opinion toward this character?- The Franklin was a cheerful and happy person was easy to get along with he throw good dinning and wining parties.
  2. What specific lines or words tell you this?- "Lived for Pleasure" (345) "Dine and Wine" "Gracious or Kind" "Avid Fisherman".
  3. What word choices require an understanding of vocabulary from the time period?- "Benign- having a kindly disposition; gracious
  4. What is Chaucer trying to reveal or expose about the time period? Explain any satire you see as well. - That the cooks were jus serfs and not as important as the other occupations or professions. Also there was no satire.
  5. What do you think Chaucer's purpose of including this character was?- I believe he added the Franklin to show what land owners did, and to add excitment to the story. Theres always someone that loves to live alittle.

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